• Illuminarte Interni

    Submitted 15 Jul 2016

    Illuminarte Interni

    Photography and retouch:
    Plamen Angelov – Plabo

    lluminarte is a company, founded by an ambitious team of professionals with extensive experience in interior design. In recent years the market is developing with great speed and ability to fit into this dynamic is the most important prerequisites for success. This is one of the qualities that distinguish Illuminarte. The concept of the company are down overall interior design. Highly qualified consultants meet customer and help him to build and visualize ideas and engage with the whole process of project implementation, ensuring the final result.

    Among our partners stand some of the most renowned Italian, Belgian, Spanish and German furniture and lighting manufacturers. Aesthetic journey is enriched with many ideas and options for accents and home accessories. The company has an impressive and endless variety of lighting catalogs. They highlight the names of the leaders in the industry who Illuminarte has the honor to represent the European market.


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