TAKEaPIXEL is an idea, vision and quest for the perfect shot in the right moment when each pixel takes its own place in the puzzle. As every idea TAKEaPIXEL evolved into community unifying different specialists/artists in the photography, who cooperate with each other delivering standardised process and full spectre of client services.



Our crew is not build from typical photographers, we are community of Pixie Artists. Our mission is to put “magic” in every project, bringing it to life. You will find the best specialists, mastering the art of different types of photography

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you can’t find THE GUY for THE JOB in our community. Give us a short description about your project and what you want to achieve and we will find your “perfect match”.



We know that when you see our portfolio you will expect nothing but perfection from our future job together. So feel free to dream and want more from our crew, we love to be challenged.

We provide assistance within the communication process with our Pixie Artists ensuring that you will receive the most unforgettable shots exactly the way you like it and you are familiar with.



  • Checked and standardised process of work all the way through until you get the desired result.
  • Leaving our creative finger print in everything we deliver
  • Facilitating the communication during the whole process of work with our Pixie Artists



Attaining perfection always starts with a challenge. We aim higher and we are not working on delivering half promises, on the contrary we perform the best way when we are tested and we outrun the result with performance.