Ivaylo Petrov

My name is Ivaylo Petrov and I’m a portrait, editorial and commercial photographer, based in Sofia.

In my work, I mainly photograph people, both in studio and on location. I consider myself a versatile photographer, who likes to take on every assignment with individual approach and that’s what defines my style – its diversity. My personal preference is, however, classic, cinematic look and feel of the work that I do. My photography background and personal obsession to know about and experiment with lighting makes me able to execute a lot of different projects from all scales.

My clients (partial list is below) hire me, because I get. things. done. Whether it’s a simple portrait session or a large-scale campaign, I am always all-in in the project, meticulously employing every bit of skill and knowledge I’ve gathered for producing uncompromising results, while still keeping a positive attitude, after all – that’s what I do for a living and life should be fun.

I’m also a macro and scientific photography aficionado and sometimes bugs make equally interesting subjects for me to explore.

Besides photography, I love cinema and enjoy watching movies from its entire history, which are sometimes a big inspiration for my work. Music is another thing I can’t really do without and which oftentimes helps me shape an idea into an image.