Photographer: Plamen Angelov

Zheravna Festival 2014

Submitted 18 Jul 2016

Plamen Angelov  – Plabo

The Folklore Costume Festival in Zheravna is a splendid costume “fiesta” that gathers people from all corners of the world in the picturesque village of Zheravna tucked in the heart of the Balkan Mountains to celebrate the colorful Bulgarian folklore traditions, to try some homemade strawberry jam, to get a taste of the freshly cooked local dishes and say”Nazdrave!” raising a glass of heady plum “rakia”!

With the nightfall the glittering lights of the countless fireplaces scattered around the vast green hills outline the massive, rigid millennia – old Balkan Mountains that have protected our country throughout the darkest hours of our history! It is time to dance the night away and celebrate the ancient Bulgarian heritage reflected in the cheerful colors of the costumes, the distinctive beating of the drums accompanied by the traditional bagpipes, the touching voices of the singers, and the scent of the forest herbs, freshly baked bread and summer flowers! Capturing the rhythm of the intricate folklore dances like the generations before us did, we celebrate being born in our motherland – the home of our proud and brave ancestors!

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