• Rafera Royal Rugs

    Submitted 07 Oct 2016

    Photography and composite: Plabo

    Our clients from Rafera wanted to present their royal rugs in a different way. These handmade rugs can be found in some of the worlds most respectable and aristocratic venues in the world like:

    • The British Royal Family;
    • The National Organization for Conservation of Cultural Heritage of the United Kingdom;
    • The Osborne Historic Palace, Isle of Wight – summer residence of Queen Victoria;
    • The office of the then Prime Minister Tony Blair;
    • Alnwick Castle, where part of the Harry Potter movie was shot;
    • Jane Churchill (Winston Churchill’s grand-daughter);
    • Albertina Museum in Vienna;
    • The room of Tzar Boris III in Rila Monastery;
    • Deventer Historic Residence, the Netherlands.

    We could not make photos in these venues and use them for commercial purposes, so we had to approach the matters differently. As these rugs take several months to be woven and are shipped right away to their owner we could only shoot them at the location they are made.
    We decided to shoot them flat there and after that compose the shots with some photos of luxury interior and furniture.

    Here’s a BTS video of the shooting itself:

    We had 2 styles of post-production for the shots we took:

    1. Put the rugs in genreal luxury envoirment:
      shutterstock_427934752-2 (Custom)
      comfortable dining room of an house, classic design furniture French antique furniture
    2. Create an one-style feel for all the rugs (which is the gallery on top of this page):
      Vintage classical style Sofa bed with lamp


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